Friday, July 27, 2012

My Trail Race Short List for AW 2012 (Close to Home, of Course)

Since I've only participated in two races so far this year, I'm anxious to make plans for the Autumn/Winter season. And, what better way to satiate that anxiety than pretending to come up with a schedule?Autumn in Umstead

Faraway travel for races is pretty much out of the question for me. So, my short list is limited by geographic proximity. But, that's not a bad thing. There are lots of trail races within two hours of Raleigh, enough for me, anyway.

Assuming you're interested at all, here's my short list of races that I might be lucky enough to attend over the next few months:

MacNair's Farm First Annual 5K/10K Trail Race

August 25 | Raleigh

MacNair's Farm LogoAs you might have guessed after glancing at the logo, this inaugural event takes place on a horse farm. Some good folks at Athens Drive High School appear to be the hosts. And, the event page indicates that the "never run" course will consist of fields, woods, and all things trail. We are further advised to "prepare to get a little dirty and have some fun". I like dirty fun!

I've registered for this one already. It's not too costly. And, it's pretty close to home. Plus, it's a new trail race in Raleigh! So, my adventurous spirit pretty much insisted that I register early. Don't be afraid to sign up just because it's a new race. We trail runners can get over a few kinks in proceedings if that's the case.

I'll just pretend not to notice the myriad fast high school kids that are likely to be participating. They'll be too far ahead of me anyway.

Triple Lakes Trail Race

October 6 | Greensboro

Triple Lakes LogoYou've heard of the Triple Lakes Trail Race before. Three distance options and a prolific race management company ensure that there's a great turnout every year. I've considered registering for the Triple Lakes event since I first started racing in 2010. But, another marvelous mid-October trail race slightly closer to Raleigh won out every time.

I won't be running that other October trail race this year due to various obligations, though. But, Triple Lakes jives with my schedule. Dare I register for Triple Lakes? I dunno. It's kinda far. Hmmm....

Eno River Run

October 27 | Durham

Eno River Run LogoCount me in! I've needed an excuse to make the journey over to the Eno River trail system. And, this 11-mile/6-mile race will work nicely for that.

The Eno River Run is another inaugural trail race. But, the fine people from Bull City Running are putting it together. So, we can be sure that it'll be a splendid event. Plus, they say there will be a river crossing and bouldering! What's bouldering? I don't know. But, it sounds awesome!

Raven vs. Goose

The two races below take place on the same day. And, at the moment, they're equally appealing to me. Each one features a bird in the name and on the logo. And, they both offer 10-mile distance options, which happens to be my favorite trail race distance. Must decide...

Goose Creek Trail Races

November 17 | Washington

Goose Creek Trail Races Logo
Based on the course description and what I know about Washington, NC, this course is relatively flat and fast. Flatness can be fun.

Normally, I wouldn't consider driving this far east for a race. But, we have family in Washington. So, there's that.

The Tar River Running Company directs this race. And, I'm a fan of their races.

Raven Rock Rumble

November 17 | Lillington

Raven Rock Rumble Race Logo
I ran the Raven Rock Rumble in 2010. And, it didn't go as planned thanks to a slight car accident on the way to the race. So, I'd love to see how I do on the course with my nerves in the right place.

The course is nice and comprised of a mixture of wide jeep trails and nifty single track. A couple of challenging hills really add some spice to the race, especially since one of them is toward the end. And, of course, there are rocks.

I'll be thrilled if I manage to run at least two of those races. It's fun to imagine having a busy race schedule, though.

If you have any suggestions that I might have overlooked, feel free to say so in the comments. Or, hey, just share your short list of races. I welcome the opportunity for vicarious race scheduling.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Three Days in Chattanooga

Aside from being fun to say every time you say it, Chattanooga, TN, also boasts a fantastic (-looking, because I haven't run there before — yet) three-day trail running extravaganza called the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race.

Sure, you and I have heard of this race event before. Some of you may have even participated. But, I received a link to this promo video the other day. And, I couldn't resist sharing some of this marvelous trail imagery with my favorite blog readers.

Those of you lucky enough to travel far and away for races should consider putting this on your list for next year. I would.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Inov-8 Trailroc Is Coming Soon - Just Sayin'

If the Inov-8 Trailroc 235, 245, and 255 were characters in a movie, this would be the official trailer:

And, if I weren't already über-excited about the release of these new trail shoes, that little video would have sealed the deal for me. I imagine that there are a lot of Inov-8 fans out there who share my eagerness to try out the Trailrocs.

Happily, those of us in the US are just a few short weeks away from having that opportunity. Several sources indicate that the Trailroc will be available in early August to US retailers. One online shoe store goes so far as to suggest that you pre-buy a pair of the Trailroc 245s and 255s before the shoes ship on July 30. (Use your own judgement there)

Another online shoe store posted a nice sneak peek of the Trailroc on their blog along with this nifty product shot.
Inov-8 Trailroc 255, 245, 235 at RunningWarehouse

Anyway, there's not much point to this post. I was feeling particularly shoe-centric just now and felt like sharing.

Happy running!


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