Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Merrell Pace Glove 2.0 Confessions: Review in the Guise of an Interview with a Transitionalist Minimalist

If the men's Trail Glove has a sister, it's the women's Pace Glove. And, mother Merrell would be remiss to update the former so splendidly without giving the latter a few tweaks and modifications. To not update them both equally would be unfair.

Merrell Women's Pace Glove 2

So, of course the women's Pace Glove gets the 2.0 treatment this Spring! And, like the sibling men's running shoes, the Pace Glove remains inspired by barefoot activity while protecting the bared foot almost seamlessly.

How am I able to write about this women's running shoe with such intimacy and confidence, you ask? I asked the women's shoe evaluator in my life to try out the Pace Glove 2 and convey her thoughts.

But, you don't want to read my clumsy interpretations of Madame Running Shoe Reviewer's opinions about the shoe pictured all over this post. So, I'll just provide the transcript from our interview* after this excellent photo of the Pace Glove 2's medial profile.

Merrell Women's Pace Glove 2 - medial profile

The Interview*

Me: The Merrell Pace Glove 2 is your foray into a barefoot-style running shoe. What did you wear before you started wearing these?

Her: Yes, the Pace Glove is a new kind of running shoe for me. I was running in the Mix Master [Glide], the red ones, before getting the Pace Glove.

Me: How have you transitioned from the Mix Master to the zero-drop Pace Glove?

Merrell Women's Pace Glove 2 - upper and sole

Her: [rolls eyes] What?

Me: Did you start running in the Pace Glove right away, or...?

Her: Oh... No, no just walked around in the Pace Glove for a few days first, used it on the elliptical at the gym a couple of times. You told me to do that.

Me: Um, yeah, right. So...

Her: That's what I'm supposed to do, isn't it, work into this shoe gradually so that I don't hurt my ankles, right?

Merrell Women's Pace Glove 2 - lateral profile

Me: Yep. That's right!

Me: Anyway, what do you like about the Pace Glove?

Her: I like a lot of things about it!

Me: Well, specifically, what specific features do you like?

Her: I love the way it feels against my arch and how it bends so easily when I walk in them. The feeling that you have hardly anything between you and the ground is...liberating, sort of. I just like that feeling, almost like wearing a [ballet] shoe.

Me: Ah, yes, I was curious to see how you'd like the arch fit, since you have especially high arches. Cool that your foot fits so well.

Merrell Women's Pace Glove 2 - sole and upper

Her: Well, at first, I was afraid that the shoe was too big. I have narrow feet. And, having worn just the red shoes [Mix Master] for a while, I wasn't used to so much room in the toe area. But, that initial concern is gone now.

Me: What made it go away, the concern?

Her: I don't know, really. I just got more confident in the way the middle of the shoe fit my foot so easily and held the shoe in place while my toes were just...free to move in the front.

Me: I read a couple of older reviews of the original Pace Glove. And, they indicated that the heel collar was problematic. This Spring update has a more traditional heel collar. How do you like it?

The fine folks at RunningShoes.com provide
a brief video blurb from Outdoor Retailer 2013

Her: I like it.

Me: Does the heel fit your [narrow] feet fairly well?

Her: Yes, it doesn't seem too big, or anything; doesn't rub my ankle.

Me: Great!

Her: Uh huh!

Me: So, will you keep wearing the Pace Glove 2 for your future miles of running?

Her: Definitely! Now that it's getting warmer, I'm going to wear them even more!

Me: Oh, did the Pace Gloves allow your feet to get too cold?

Her: No, I just don't like to run outside when it's cold like you do.

Me: That's not very Merrell.

Her: [makes face at Me]

Me: [smiles] Well, thanks for your time today. It's been great to get your insight on the new Pace Glove. I mean, I'd try them myself if I could, but...

Her: You don't need anymore shoes!

Me: I know. [looks down in embarrassment]

Merrell Women's Pace Glove 2 - heel and toe

The Merrell Pace Glove will be available before Spring ends.

Thanks for Reading!

*Not actually an interview :p

Product provided by Merrell.


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