As someone with a particular affinity for trail running, I am perpetually on the lookout for new off-road running opportunities. And, despite the wealth of info on the Internet, there is sometimes a dearth of the right information about a particular trail in a given area.

Sure, searching for Raleigh NC trails, or trail running Raleigh might yield some decent results. But, those searches are cluttered with useless stuff, too.

And, so, Raleigh-area runners, I think it'll be fun to assemble a sort of guide to trails in the Triangle. I am not an expert trail runner or reviewer. (I wouldn't pretend to be in the slightest) But, I figure that the point of a blog is to provide the public with a personal perspective on a given topic. So, why not record my impressions of trails worth running in the Raleigh area?

This will be a slow-going project. So, I apologize to all two or three of you reading my blog. But, as you can tell, I'm fairly long-winded with the keyboard. So, it takes a bit of time to write a trail review here.

If you have a particular trail in the Triangle that's sparked your interest, I may have it queued for reviewing already. Feel free to ask me about it. And, of course, stay tuned for updates to the trails page of this blog.


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