Sunday, February 9, 2014

How Most Runners Deal with Injury (Ubiquitous GIF List)

Injuries suck! You know it, and I know it. And, while we do our best to learn from our running injuries, we can't help but fall victim to some basic, sometimes irrational behavior while coping with not running.

The first stage of injury is denial.

No, really.

Friends want to help. But, you push them away.

I'm just quiet right now.

When reality sets in, you get sad...

So many feelings!

...And moody.

Stop typing so loudly!

And, you resent other runners that you see while driving.

Look at that terrible form! You're doing it wrong!

But, you make up for begrudging strangers by emphatically encouraging your runner friends.

Awesome tempo run, dude!

You seek medical advice but don't really like what you are told.

Stop running for how many weeks?

You still have your runner's appetite.

Two miles per doughnut. No worries!

But, food makes you have different feelings now.

But, I'm still so hungry!

The fear of losing fitness is getting the best of you.

Speed goes first, then endurance.

So, you try other forms of exercise—low-impact, of course.

Not feelin' the burn at all.

Attempting to focus on upper body strength proves disheartening.

You don't want too much muscle mass anyway. It'll only slow you down.

And, you have an unreasonable urge to shop for more shoes.

Why are all the shoes on sale now?

Ultimately, you resign yourself to waiting, just waiting...

Think positively.

Thanks for reading!

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