Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Best of AfnR: Vol. One | 2010-2011

The Best of A fn' RBlog posts have a way of disappearing into Internet obscurity as soon as they're replaced by newer content. Sure, the product-oriented posts receive a relatively steady stream of traffic thanks to search results. But, there's more to this running blog — and me — than the shoes in my closet (in my car's trunk, in my car's back seat, in the hall closet...).

So, why not have a post highlighting my personal favorites from the archives? Yes, I'll appear overly geeky and narcissistic. But, you probably figured I was that sort of blogger anyway.

These are not all the greatest hits, mind you. Some of them are just personal favorites that might be too obscure or abstract to garner the attention of search engines.

I am only choosing eight posts published in 2010 and 2011. Eight is enough. And, I like the idea of capping the selection pool at 2011 so that Vol. 2 can start at the beginning of 2012. (Of course there will be a Vol. 2)

So, if you have some time for a bit of good ol' fashioned blog reading, grab a beverage and click what appeals to ya!

If You Don't Feel Like Running

Wherein I wax psychological and dole out encouragement, because I was in a mood.

New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail Shoe Review (With Bullet Points)

This is an offensively glowing review of a shoe I lost interest in wearing for running purposes six months later. I find that kind of funny.

Inov-8 f-lite 195 New Color Craziness and CrossFit

It's possible that this could be called a rant.

Trail Review: Sycamore Trail at William B. Umstead State Park

Sycamore is still my favorite Umstead trail.

Injinji Toesocks Non-Review

I'm just really impressed with my photo illustration in this one. You don't even have to read the review once you see the photo. Read anyway, though.

On the Merit of Reduced Shoes

Look at me getting all political!

How to Enjoy a Lunch-Break Run

Sure, you know how to run during your lunch break. But, do you know how to enjoy it? Read on to find out.

Brief Interview with a First-Time Marathoner: A Medoc Trail Marathon Race Report

It was my first marathon and the inspiration for starting this blog. Of course this fits in the best-of list

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