Monday, February 21, 2011

This Well-Duh Moment Is Brought to You by Nathan Handhelds

Nathan Quick Draw Plus HandheldRemember the first time you looked at a handheld, wondering how much you really needed to carry a bottle with you while running? I mean, it's a 22 oz bottle full of liquid. That's gotta be annoying, right?

Then, you buy the thing. And, it's the middle of summer. And, you'r so glad you have it with you when you're on mile 6 of a long run in 80-degree morning temps.

Carrying a bottle is suddenly not so bad. The moisture-wicking, adjustable hand strap is far more comfortable than you expected. The sense of hauling extra weight goes away steadily after an hour (or your shoulder goes numb). You feel confident in the precautions you're taking to sustain adequate levels of hydration.

A couple of hot months pass. And, after numerous runs with the bottle, outside temperatures have decreased enough to warrant leaving the bottle in the car. So you do. And, then, you think to yourself with hands flailing liberally: "Oh, man, it's so nice not to be carrying that stupid bottle!"

Surely you're a few seconds faster sans handheld. You hope that you don't need it next year.

Fast forward to the perpetual darkness of winter morning runs. Develop a new appreciation for carrying a cell phone while running. Decide that you want your cell phone with you more often.

But, you don't have a secure pocket. Your hands get sweaty while holding the phone. Carrying the phone for an hour, switching from left hand to right and back, is unpleasant. So, you think about purchasing a cell phone holder of some sort. There's gotta be an accessory designed for such a purpose, right?

Then you pull out your trusty handheld bottle's moisture-wicking, adjustable hand strap. And, voila! There's no need to buy another accessory to carry something with you while running!
Nathan handheld strap sans bottle - medial view
Nathan handheld strap sans bottle - top view
'Course, if you don't use a small, flip-style cell phone, this use for the handeld's zippered pouch does not apply.

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