Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Effin' Facebook Page

another effin' facebook pageI've long been hesitant to sign up for a Facebook account, because, well, I don't really know anyone. And, I certainly didn't need to be reminded of my social shortfalls by registering for automatic reminders of this fact.

But, everyone else uses Facebook. And, everyone includes race directors and race participants. Moreover, everyone pretty much assumes that everyone else is using Facebook. Thus, as someone who didn't have a Facebook account, I would often find myself excluded from updates and photo galleries relative to races.

So, I finally gave up and created a Facebook page, which is actually a little more complicated than I expected.

(Great. Something else on the computer that sucks my time away. If any of you have tips for using Facebook effectively, I'd be most appreciative)

And, now, staring at my wall, I am depressed. Who wants to be the first to like me? No pressure. I'll understand if you pretend not to have seen message.

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