Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FY(effin')I: Running and Rambling Blogger Posts Merrel Trail Glove Review and Giveaway

If you feel that there just isn't enough to read about the Merrel Barefoot Trail Glove on the internet, then you're bound to find some semblance of satisfaction in this review from the awesome Running and Rambling blog.

The added bonus of reading Donald's Trail Glove review is that he's also offering the chance for one lucky reader to win a pair. So, check it out. Leave a comment. Maybe you'll be the lucky winner.

(Obviously, I hope you are not the lucky winner. I would rather be the lucky winner. Good luck to you anyway, though)

Merrel Barefoot Trail Glove as squashed by the reviewer

Donald, author of the Running and Rambling blog, demonstrates the flexibility of the Merrel Barefoot Trail Glove.

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