Friday, February 10, 2012

Attention Runners with Running Buddies

Want to enter a contest that might result in a free pair of limited edition Mizuno Wave Riders for you and your buddy?

ruby red
crystal cranberry

Well, a friendly representative from alerted me to this contest on the retailer's blog. Essentially, you brag about your running buddy in the comments of this post.

(Not this post, the one here. And, by "here" I mean the post you get to by clicking the word "here" in the previous sentence. You know how the Web works...)

If your comment most effectively and entertainingly answers the question (What do you love about your running buddy?), you might win a pair of these Valentinesque Mizuno shoes for yourself and your running buddy. The lady version is dubbed "crystal cranberry" and the men get "ruby red".

So, good luck, you social runners!

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