Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Balance Minimus Trail Zero, a 12athon DNS, and Gear

Zero Zeros for Me (So Far)

Whoa people! Can you believe I haven't posted an exceedingly lengthy review of the New Balance Minimus Zero Trail and Road shoes yet?

Minimus Zero Collection courtesy of Minimalist Running Shoes I mean, I've been anxious to see the Zeros in living color ever since New Balance published those detail photos and, later, a profile of the designers several months ago.

And, then there was that first week in December when everyone seemed to have a review pair, except for me. And, I wondered how many fn' page views a blogger needs to receive each month in order for New Balance to take notice (or acknowledge a friendly email).

Anyway, by now there's a plethora of reviews about the New Balance Minimus Zero on the web. And, strangely, I'm not feeling as anxious to buy a pair as I thought I'd be.

See, the thing is that there are so many more minimalish shoes out there now than there were when the New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail broke on the scene last year. And, it was a game changer. Now, in 2012, the minimalist shoe market is quite a bit more competitive. And, I'm not going just plunk down $100 on a pair of shoes just because they're so pretty. (And, they are pretty)

But, if someone were to give me a pair of the Minimus Zeros, like, as a prize, or something, I'd certainly say thank you.

A 12athon DNS

So, it seems that my enthusiasm for completing the Umstead Marathon dulled my sensitivity to complaints lodged by a certain tendon in a certain ankle. And, it wasn't until my first run three days after the marathon that I finally took notice of, and processed, said complaints.

Four days of apologetic non-running were, apparently, unacceptable recompense for my insensitivity during marathon training from the tendon's point of view. So, I had to concede that this month's 12athon would be my first running event DNS (did not show, for those of you wondering what that acronym represents). Naturally, I am dismayed.

I completed 3.14 miles this morning. But, the tendon is still cranky, which makes me fn' cranky.

Virtual 12athon Shirt

Speaking of the 12athon

There's official Virtual 12athon gear, which may be purchased here! How cool is that? (Answer: Very cool indeed.)

There's a shirt, a hat, and a water bottle. I plan on buying all three before the end of the year, because the logo is so cool.

That's It

Sorry for the sundry-style post. I just wanted to get that bit about the Minimus Zero on the blog. And, I'd been meaning to write something else about the marathon, just to remind you all that I ran it and loved it (in spite of the injury I seem to be suffering as a result).

And, I wanted to mention the 12athon gear here, too.

So, really, all three components of this post are equally important, not just the first one.

Oh, and I just wanted to say "hi" and wish you all a happy Spring day.

That's all, really.


  1. since you are the shoe master, maybe you can tell me what minimal shoe has the widest toe box. i'm searching for something snug and flexible like a trail glove, but with a wider toe box, and maybe a tiny bit more sole

    1. Hmm, that's a tough one, Anthony, because the Trail Glove already has a fairly wide toe box as far as running shoe toe boxes go.

      If you're looking for the absolute widest toe box on a trail shoe, my first suggestion would be the Altra Lone Peak. But, that's definitely not going to be as flexible as the Trail Glove due to the relatively heavy dose of cushioning.

      So, my next guess would point you to the New Balance Minimus Zero Trail, which is available in widths and very flexible. 'Course, I've heard those are narrower than their counterparts, the NB MT10. And, I haven't tried them on. So, I don't know how wide they actually are.

      With those two suggestions clearly flawed, I'll recommend the Inov-8 Trailroc 235, which won't be available until July. It's going to have a wider last than their usual trail shoes. (The toe box won't be as wide as the trail glove's. But, the forefoot area is wider.) The upper is still nice and snug, yet flexible. And, the substantial tread will count as more sole in comparison to the Trail Glove without being overly cushioned.

      Just some thoughts. You've worn Brooks shoes for the longest time, though, right? I've previously found them to be incredibly narrow on my feet. So, I wonder if a super-wide toe box is really what you're after.

    2. I've tried on the NB Minimus Trail Zero (they are available at a few shops locally) and the 4E width is pretty frickin' wide. My foot fits into that shoe nicely with a snug, but not overly tight midfoot fit. However, I think it's one of those love-it or hate-it shoes. I wasn't crazy about the "podded" sole (although it felt ok in the store) and the crinkly, plasticky, noisy upper material bothered me. That plus they had an extra inch of pointed toe box that I thought would just get in the way.

    3. Thanks for the insight, Scott! I knew there'd be someone who could chime in on the fit of the NB Minimus Zero.

    4. Oh, I forgot to mention, the Trail Gloves are available on-line in "wide" width. I'm not sure what that means though since I have yet to see a review for the wide model anywhere.

    5. Yet another brilliant suggestion from Scott! I forgot that the Trail Gloves are now available in "wide". And, there are several customer reviews on the page to which you linked, Scott.

      So, Anthony, maybe you just want to try the wider version of the trail glove. Or, is it the thinner midsole/outsole that you're trying to replace?

  2. I hope your tendon heals soon! My calf finally healed up, but my ankle is still touch and go. Umstead claimed quite a few victims among my friends this year.

    Oh, and I sent NB an email telling them they were fools for not having you review their shoes. Hopefully the *dozens* of hits I receive monthly on my blog will convince them of my wisdom. ;-)

    1. You get dozens of hits on your blog? No wonder my email to NB went unanswered. :/

      Thanks for the sympathy about my tendon. This thing is definitely a persistent nuisance. I wonder if I'll even have a chance to fit in a decent run before the MST 12-miler on April 1. I really hoped to do well in that one. Marathons are wicked beasts sometimes.

    2. That's right- dozens! I'm a blogging rock star! ;-)

      I'm still waiting on the U100 organizers to tell me what shift I'm working so I know whether or not I can run MST this year (which I really want to do!).

  3. Sorry - I missed your race report. Heading over to that post now...

    I think NB surely will send you a pair now?



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