Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I Was Like When Registering for Uwharrie 2013

I made my first attempt at signing up for the Uwharrie Mountain RunUwharrie Mountain Run 2013 when registration opened to the public on November 1. Like most of the Southeast trail running community, I was poised at my computer, ready to log in on the hour so that I could secure a spot before the race sold out.

I thought I was successful! But, as you'll learn in this brief tale of woe below, I was't.

Naturally, I bear no ill will toward the fantastic team of people that put this event together every year. They're great people!

The registration site is not necessarily deserving of scorn either. Uwharrie is popular! And websites can only handle so much traffic before going all crazy on ya.

I just thought it'd be fun to share this first-time-Uwharrie-registration story with you. It'll be quick. And, I imagine that some of you can relate. So, here's what I was like when registering for Uwharrie 2013...

When I was trying to access the registration page:

Then, I got in and my registration was confirmed! So I was all:

But, a few days later, an email from SPORToften arrives.
And, I'm reading it like this:

We regret that we will be removing your registration(s) from the 2013 Uwharrie Mountain Run and your confirmation will no longer be valid. SPORToften will be refunding your payment as well as all transaction fees immediately...The SPORToften system allowed your registration for the 2013 Uwharrie Mountain Run to be added AFTER the capacity was reached and the event was SOLD OUT...

Reading this last part of the email. And, I'm all:

We recognize this is not a replacement for running Uwharrie, however, we would like to extend a $15 credit toward entry for the 2013 Tar Heel 10 Miler and 4 Mile Run scheduled for April 20, 2013 in Chapel Hill, NC.

I was a little upset.

The next day—a message from the race director:

It is with sincere regret that we learned of the SPORToften registration failure for the 2013 Uwharrie Mountain Run...

We understand that you are very disappointed and we share your frustration. We want to clarify a few important points...[excellent and reasonable points made, recompense offered, good feelings ensued]...

Again, we are very sorry for the trouble. This is an isolated incident and in no way reflects the great tradition and direction of this race and the hard work of many volunteers who make it possible. [Couldn't agree more]

So, I was like...

The End
(until next year)


  1. great use of gifs! Sorry again you didn't get in. I guess it means you should sign up for the 40 instead. I have to disagree though. SPORToften is absolutely to blame. This kind of thing happens all the time. They should be prepared for a few hundred people trying to register at once. It really wouldn't be that hard.

    1. Thanks Anthony! This seemed like an especially gif-appropriate story.

  2. I've been looking for a totally appropriate gif as a response to this post, but decided that the Orson Wells clapping gif was just too perfect. Well done!



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