Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Muddy Running Shoes: Trying Something on Tumblr

Does anyone else have the urge to get a new pair of running shoes dirty as soon as possible?

Surely I'm not the only runner who finds that a well-used pair of running shoes makes them somehow more significant, on a personal level. There's just something satisfying about looking down at my shoes after a tough trail run to see the dirt and mud that's accumulated.

I could wax poetic about the subject for quite a while (and thoroughly embarrass myself in the process). But, the point of this post is to introduce and invite you to my Tumblr experiment:

That's right, it's another bloggy thing! What do you think? I'll probably change the header image no less than seven times over the course of the next few weeks. But, basically, it's a Tumblr blog tribute to muddy running shoes.

Because, why not?

Muddy Running Shoes is a way for me to use my Tumblr account, which I've had for longer than I can remember, and finally figure out what it's all about, Tumblr.

One of the neat things about Tumblr is that other people can submit their own photos or videos to a person's blog. It's sort of like a community, I guess. I still have to approve any content that you submit, but the concept is simple enough.

And, assuming that some of you have an inkling of a penchant for bragging Instagram-style about your muddy running exploits, I hope you'll feel like sharing a photo or two. I've drawn an arrow on the screen image above to indicate where you need to click in order to access the submit form.

[Those of you who are well versed in the ways of Tumblr are probably laughing your asses off at me right now. But, I can accept that]

So, the plan is this:

  • Visit Muddy Running Shoes and see pictures of what your fellow AfnR readers are wearing on the trails.
  • Submit your own pictures when you feel so inclined.
  • Do all the other positive Tumblr things that you know, the things I have yet to learn.

I think that's it!

Yeah, sure, the site might be boring for a while, because it'll just be me posting pictures of my shoes. But, some of you will post, won't you? Come on! Creating a Tumblr account is fast and easy. And, you don't even have to use your real name.

Oh, let me stress that this is not a contest or competition. This is just another way for running shoe geeks, like me, to waste more time on the Internet.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments below. Or, hey, you can ask me on the Tumblr thingy!

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