Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Running Warehouse Gift Card Delay

I am a fan of RunningWarehouse.com—a big fan. With their huge selection of running gear, generous return policies, and free, two-day shipping; I don't see how any other online running retailer can compete. RunningWarehouse is the best. And, I'm making this opinion known of my own volition, no freebies from RW here.

So, with that being said, I have a slight gripe the RunningWarehouse gift card distribution practice:

RunningWarehouse gift cardsMy brother purchased a RunningWarehouse gift card for me on Friday, October 29—my birthday. It wasn't the physical, plastic kind of card, mind you. It is the kind of gift card you receive via email, which consists of a number and pass code for activation.

Well, the gift card didn't arrive in my inbox until yesterday evening. That's four days later!

Apparently, due to a high frequency of fraud, it is necessary for a RunningWarehouse representative to call the purchaser of a gift card in order to confirm the order. That's understandable. However, I am surprised at this delay in delivery since the point of any conceptual gift one buys for delivery via email is to expedite delivery of the gift. Amazon has no problem sending a gift recipient the email gift as soon as the purchaser clicks the "purchase" button.

Anyway, there are probably numerous factors that influence the delivery time of a gift card from RunningWarehouse. Maybe my brother didn't answer the phone when the representative first tried to call him. Perhaps the gift card guy at RunningWarehouse doesn't work on weekends...

RunningWarehouse is still the best place to buy running gear online. Just be aware that purchasing a gift card there will not necessarily incur immediate delivery.

Now, what to buy at RunningWarehouse with my newly acquired gift card...?

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