Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Puma Men's Running Shorts Review

As someone who researches anything he's about to buy for weeks, I am always on the lookout for opinions and reviews of whatever article of running-related clothing I think I might "need". So, if some of you are considering the Puma Men's Shorts offered here for a great price, I submit to you the following review.

First, I'll make it known that I've not worn many different varieties of running shorts in the past. Really, the only other shorts I've worn are the Target C9 brand running shorts manufactured by Champion. So, take my opinion about the Puma Running Shorts for what it is—limited.

These shorts are awesome. If the point of a pair of running shorts (aside from covering a fellow's junk) is to feel like nothing while a person runs, then these shorts succeed wonderfully. They're incredibly lightweight. And, the 3" inseam pretty much guarantees that you will not feel restricted by the hems.

Here are some details about the Puma Running Shorts from the RunningWarehouse website:

  • 3" inseam, 10 1/2" outseam (size Medium)
  • Mesh side and back panels enhance ventilation
  • Fast drying inner brief with key pocket
  • Reflective detail
  • Elastic waistband with drawstring
  • (100% Polyester Microfiber) quick-drying material to keep you drier longer

The brief lining is much softer than the lining in the C9 running shorts. And, I definitely notice a difference in the elastic within after running for more than an hour. The C9 shorts seem more inclined to chafe than the Puma shorts, if you know what I mean.

The key pocket in the waist lining of the shorts is ample. In fact, a runner could probably stash a gel or iPod Nano in there if he were so inclined. The design is stylish yet subtle. And, the shorts are available in a wide range of colors.

A review of running shorts would be lacking without addressing the issue of the inseam length. Most American men are not accustomed to wearing shorts that are truly short. The C9 running shorts are probably hemmed with a 6" or 7" inseam, falling approximately one inch above my knees. And, I won't even venture a guess at how long the legs are on most casual shorts.

So, the 3" inseam on these Puma running shorts is conspicuous, especially to the man who is not accustomed to wearing short running shorts. The Puma running shorts here were my first pair of short shorts. And, of course, being the modest fellow that I am, I felt a little self conscious the first time I pulled these on. But, that sense of unease is pretty easy to shake off once you begin running.

There's a point at which you just don't care what people think of your attire while exercising. And, allowing yourself to put on a pair of really short shorts helps you reach that point quite quickly. This affords you the capacity to realize that shorter shorts result in a feeling of physical freedom, which is more conducive to optimal running comfort. At least, that's how I felt once I ran in these 3" shorts.

That's a personal thing, though. And, I hasten to add that it is not necessary to wear shorter shorts in order to run fast.
Comfort aside, one thing to keep in mind when considering a short pair of shorts like these ones from Puma: No lunges in public. Okay, maybe quick lunges are fine. But, the Yoga lunges seen here are not a good idea in short shorts of this caliber.

Sure, the fellow in the picture looks perfectly presentable in his rather long-length shorts. But, if that were you there in a pair of shorts with a 3"-or-less inseam, junk would be hanging out. I'm just sayin'...

So, if you are as modest as me, keep in mind that you cannot do this in the presence of others. There are plenty of other stretches for running you can do, though.

So, in short, these men's running shorts from the good folks at Puma are fantastic! They're short. They're comfortable. They're less expensive than many of the other running shorts out there. I highly recommend these ones!


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