Monday, November 28, 2011

Late-Day Notice of Cyber Monday Shoe Deals

Or, I Can't Afford New Shoes. But, Maybe You Can.

Your inboxes are undoubtedly loaded with Cyber Monday deals on electronics, stuff, electronics, and more stuff. But, did you get any Cyber Monday emails from RunningWarehouse? Did Shoe Mart send out a FaceBook notification about their Cyber Monday sales? Did you know that Zappos just placed several awesome shoes on sale?

Maybe you did. But, I didn't receive notice of such savings. So, I've scoured the web to relay the sites where you can find sales on some of the marvelous shoes previously featured on this blog.

I'm doing this because I care, friends...

  • Zappos Sale Shoes of Interest: Inov-8 f-lite 230s and 195s at 20% off retail. This is the retailer with the widest selection of f-lite colorways. So, BOOM!
  • ShoeMart Celebrates Cyber Monday: Find a couple of other unique Inov-8 f-lite colorways marked down by 20% here.
  • Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear: Get free socks in addition to saving 25% on select Inov-8 shoes!
  • ZombieRunner Offers 20% Off Everything: That's right, use coupon code CYBERMONDAY during online checkout and save on all the shoes, bottles and packs, clothing, and socks in your cart!
  • RevelSports' Some Sort of Sale: I can't tell if this is just for Cyber Monday or just because. Either way, at the time that I'm typing this sentence, you can click through to find several Inov-8 shoes on sale. (To be honest, though, the deals here are pretty much commensurate with deals already found on other sites listed above)
  • The Natural Running Store Purports to Dominate Cyber Monday with savings of 15% - 40% on some of their inventory (Inov-8, Altra, Newtons, and Vivobarefoot).
  • The New Balance Online Store challenges you to save a super 15% on your entire order.
  • RunningWarehouse Cyber Monday sale: Pretty much just apparel advertised in relation to Cyber Monday here. Meh. This might be the only time of year when you can buy certain Inov-8 styles for less at another site.

Whew! All that pretend shopping has me pretend exhausted! I don't know how I managed to get any actual work done today.

So, if you're thinking of needing new shoes, today might be the day to buy 'em. Otherwise, you won't really need them anymore later in the week when these sales are over. And, you'll wish you'd needed them just a little more right now.

You can quote that, if you like.

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