Thursday, January 12, 2012

12athon Run Report for January 12, 2012

The inaugural run of the Virtual 12athon went well enough for me this morning, albeit a bit slower than I would have liked.

I drug myself out of bed around 4:40 am after having dreams about my alarm clock going off. I felt tired during the entire run. But, I've felt tired for most of the week. So, this tiredness wasn't all that extraordinary.

Plenty of bunnies and one fox skittered across the streets as I ran four variations of a 3-plus-mile loop through the neighborhood. I passed the garbage truck and realized that I'd forgotten to drag the bins down to the curb. So, I had to make a quick sojourn to the house during the run in order to take care of that little chore. Then I was back on the loop.

So, my 12 miles are done for the day. It was no run through the woods, or anything. But, it was peaceful. And, the weather was perfect (45 degrees and calm).

And, I submit my photographic evidence to qualify for the Nighthawk bonus challenge below:

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