Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Merrell Road Glove: AfnR's Bloggiest Shoe of the Week

Bloggiest Shoe of the WeekI'm amused when I see multiple blog posts about a particular shoe appear across the Web within a short time period. It's kinda like a virtual trade show dedicated to one product. Brilliant marketing, really—not that I know anything about marketing.

Anyway, since I'm not a presenter at this week's trade show, I'll assume the role of the unofficial directory. So, if you haven't seen all the Road Glove hoopla that kicked off yesterday, check out these links for photos and first-hand impressions:

Of course, there were already a few reviews of the Road Glove on the web before this week. They appeared in September and October of 2011. So, this is probably phase two of the Merrell Road Glove, etc. Spring pre-release show. Good job keeping the line in our sights, Merrell.

Now, how do I go about obtaining my own "test" pair of Merrel Road Gloves so that I can confirm or refute all the claims made in the posts linked above? Hmm....


  1. The RG's are certainly very bloggy right now. I expect you'll be reviewing them for the launch phase, so expect your test pair in the mail sometime in the near future. :-)

  2. Thanks for rounding up all these reviews! Gives me a chance to really check them out!



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