Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just a Few Trail Photos, Really

Falls Lake MST: Section 6

As writers ["writers"] sometimes do, I am finding myself frustrated by flocks of article ideas flittering around in my head searching for their words. I sit down and try to force myself to type something informative and insightful for you fine folks. But, the sentences just suck. And, I'm not going to waste your time with sucky stuff! You deserve better!

But, I'm pretty sure we are all tired of seeing the post about my unfortunate foot blemish on the home page of this site. So, let's just kick that into the archives with this little pictorial piece. There are thousands of words in pictures, right?

Umstead: Loblolly Trail

I've been really enjoying the Fall mornings lately, especially at Umstead and Falls Lake. They're brisk and colorful. And, I feel grateful to be running out there every single time.

Every time.

Falls Lake MST: Section 7

You can see that the trails are pretty much completely covered in leaves now, which adds another degree of technicality to the trails around here. I like it. But, you gotta be careful. 'Cause rocks and roots.

Falls Lake MST: Section 6

Most weekday mornings have me running on the roads. And, I enjoy that, too, of course; especially since the mornings have some level of light to them for the time being.

Umstead: Loblolly Trail

The transition from darkness to just before the sun rises fills the sky with so many variations of pastel orange, purple, and blue. And, if I happen to be on the greenway at this time, the orange and red tree leaves somehow mix with those colors from the rising sun. And, I feel like I'm running through a whole other world—as if some of the landscapes that people publish through the filters via their phones actually exist that way.

Falls Lake MST: Section 6

I don't have a picture of the greenway at sunrise right now, though. Sorry. My camera wouldn't replicate the colors properly anyway.

Sometimes you just have to be there to be the lucky one.

Umstead: Loblolly Trail

Speaking of good fortune, I am one of the happy runners to be registered for the Uwharrie 20 Miler in 2014. I've been excited to run this race for the past three years. And, finally seeing my name on the registration list has me giddy!

Falls Lake MST: Section 7

I am not yet sure what sort of goal I should set for myself as an Uwharrie first timer. (That's one of those posts in the works) My current training plan is to just run as many miles as I have time to run each day. But, I swear I'm going to come up with a strategy of some kind.

I'm open to tips and suggestions from any Uwharrie veterans, of course.

Falls Lake MST: Section 6
Here's a little video that resonates well with my sentiments in this post and takes what I've shared a bit further, I think. You may have already seen this, since it's quite popular.

Thanks so much for reading!

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