Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Train a Running Dog - Step 1: Get a Dog

I've always admired people with cool dogs, especially fellow runners who have dogs that run with them for miles and miles.

As children, my wife and I both grew up with dogs in the house. But, we'd never made the commitment to take care of a dog in our adult lives.

We had cats, three of them. Still do.

We also have children, three of them, under the age of 6.

So, with three cats and three kids in the house, why not get a dog, too? It had to be a puppy, of course, so that it can learn to live with those three cats and three kids.

Thus, with the expression of a proud parent, I introduce Charlie. He's an Aussie/Border Collie mix that my wife managed to find at a sort of local rescue organization. He's awesome. And, in about twelve months, it's my understanding that he'll be old enough to begin training as a running partner. We have to get past house training first, though.
my new puppy: future runner dog


  1. Adorable! I showed the pic to Josh and he got a little girly for a second. Good luck with the house training. It took us ages to train Sunny, but she got it eventually. Keep your zen hat on!

  2. Cute! You have me beat by one cat and one kid, and now one dog. I'm impressed! But why didn't you just train one of your cats? ;-)

  3. Sweet pup! If you don't already have one, look into the Bissell spotbot or little green. Hope the house training goes by quickly and cleanly :-)

  4. Iris: Thanks! I will keep my zen hat close at hand. (By "a little girly", do you mean that Josh went and tried on one of your running skirts?) ;-P

    Scott: My cats are lame. They have no interest in running unless it's to wake me up in the middle of the night with their galloping up the stairs at full speed. If you want to train one of them, you're welcome to it. ;-)

    Andrew: I appreciate the recommendation! If we had carpet worth fussing over, I'd spring for that SpotBot in a minute!

  5. Okay. I love Charlie. He is adorable, and that is a great photo. He looks like a dog who will appreciate his job as runner. Better get an extra pair of running shoes to keep up with him! I can't wait to meet him.

  6. Shannon: Thank you! I'm incredibly fond of him, too. Supposedly, the mixture of breeds comprising his DNA have a penchant for high levels of activity. So, I think he'll enjoy a good, long run when he's older.

  7. I once went running with my friend's dog, only to find that he constantly bit at my ankles. After a very painful few minutes I discovered that dangling the lead for him to bite on kept him entertained!

  8. Dan: Yeah, that heel biting is something I'll have to train my dog not to do. Dangling the lead was a great solution to your predicament.



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