Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Observations on Running and the Family Vacation

Happy is the trail runner who plans a vacation to the mountains. Fantasies of new trails, waterfalls, and miles of mountain views populate his mind while choosing which shoes to bring along.

vacations are for hiking
There are other ways besides running to enjoy trails during the family vacation.
But, as those of you with families, especially families comprised of small children, know; a vacation is never as relaxing and fancy free as you hope. You're having fun with family, after all. And, when work demands your attention, too; you find that you have little time to actually drive over to that trail that looks so cool on the map.

Yes, your running time during family vacations is just as precious and subject to inconvenience as it is in real life. So, you'll probably find that the best laid running plans, as far as vacations go, are best left to runners who have the freedom to do whatever they want to do while traveling. (Lucky dogs)

In my mind, the best way to ensure that the family vacation affords a dedicated runner that special run is to incorporate a race into the vacation schedule. In fact, this is ideal.

You'll have paid to register for the race, which obligates the rest of your family to encourage you to have fun with it. And, the race will usually be on a cool course. If the race is at the beginning of the vacation, you'll spend the remaining days recovering and not missing your runs as much. Or, if the race is towards the end of your vacation, you'll spend the preceding days tapering and not missing your runs as much.

So, there ya go, family-oriented runner: Plan a race during your next vacation with the spouse and kids if you really want to get in a good run. Otherwise, just expect to take a cut-back week, which is a good thing too, usually.
NB Minimus Trail on Vacation
New Balance Minimus Trail shoes on vacation — spending more time beside the wall than planned.

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