Thursday, July 28, 2011

NB Minimus Trail Shoe Design Updated with Humor

I'm not a huge fan of the new New Balance Minimus Trail shoe design. I mean, the original's appearance just seems more original, at least to me, anyway.

But, I'm a fan of this commercial. There's another one, too.

I like to imagine that the dude is running around looking for his other shoe.


  1. Have you seen the MT110 update? 4mm drop, rock plate, widths and everything we already love about the MT101. I can't wait for these.

  2. Andrew: Yes, I saw the preview for the NB MT110 on earlier this week. The design looks very nice indeed. And, the fact that they've lowered the heel-toe differential is a big plus for me! I could see a lot of people making those their go-to long distance trail shoes. I wonder if they'll be as attractively priced as the current MT101.



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