Friday, August 5, 2011

FY(effin')I: Huge Sale on Select VivoBarefoot Shoes Right Now

The good people at have alerted us to the fact that members of The Clymb are privy to a very attractive sale on VivoBarefoot shoes through Sunday (maybe, something like that).

If you've done any research on minimal shoes, you've probably encountered rave reviews of footwear from VivoBarefoot. Then you looked at the price of this footwear. And, you probably scratched them off your list of shoes to try. (I did)

I mean, $160 is a lot for a shoe. Sure, they're European. And, they're supposed to be amazing. But, still, it hurts to take a chance on a shoe that costs that much when you could be taking a chance on a shoe that costs less than $100 (We're talking US dollars, btw).

Well, if you're curious about the VivoBarefoot shoes (Neo, Aqua, Jazz, or Venus models), now may be the best time to order a pair. But, you've gotta be a member of the Clymb.

"How do you become a member of the Clymb?" You ask.

Yeah, I was annoyed, too, when I saw that you had to sign up to be put on a waiting list. WTF? What did they mean I had to be invited?
VivoBarefoot Neo
But, luckily, the internet is full of people who are happy to share their invitation links. And, now I'm one of those people. Feel free to join the Clymb via my personal invite link. (I think I get special credits, or something, if you do)

I haven't decided yet if I'll heed the impulse to purchase a pair of the Neos, even though they're marked down by more than 50%. I've got a little time to mull it over, though...Maybe after a drink or two this evening. But, let me know if you take the plunge. I'm curious to know if there's someone out there who's more impulsive about buying running shoes than I am.


  1. Could. Not. Resist. Nabbed the black and yellow Neos. Excellent price—and nary a splash of pink or purple for us ladyfolk! Gotta support that. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I sprung for the black/yellow Neos as well! Even if they don't fit, I figure I can ebay them for more than I paid.

  3. Iris: I'm so glad I could be of help! Let's hope they're as great when they cost $54 dollars as they are when they cost $160. ;-)

    Scott: These are supposedly nice and wide. So, that should be in your favor, right?

  4. Oops! Correction regarding regular price of the Neo: They're usually $120. My mistake.



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