Friday, August 12, 2011

A Runner, His Dogs, Open Space, and Badass Shoes

I like this video. I didn't at first, because the first-person perspective of watching a dude's legs in motion is somewhat awkward, at least for me. I just don't care for the extreme foreshortening.

But, after watching the video once, I was surprised that I wanted to click "replay" so suddenly. I mean, the music is okay. The camera quality is average by web standards. So, superficially, this video isn't exactly an award winner.

But, there are actually a couple of things here worth noting.

If you were to close your eyes and imagine running as a most basic human activity, you might imagine yourself as a kid running willy-nilly through the grass without concern for your surroundings, your pace, or your form. The point of view portrayed in this setting exemplifies that fantasy, I think. And, it's mirrored by the presence of the dogs in the video. I really like the dogs.

Looking at the terrain, you'll find yourself searching for the trail. Is there one? Is this guy just running down a grassy, muddy hill? It looks like that's the case. And, there are even more grassy hills to run up and down all around in this video's setting.

So, if you dismiss the practical paranoia that comes with finding yourself in the middle of—what looks like—nowhere, you might get a sense that this short video is a representation of unadulterated running for the sake of running. And, that's pretty nice, being reminded of this joyful sort of running. It's just a dude running, open space, his dogs, and some badass shoes.

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  1. Overall, pretty cool vid (I actually like that tune). Wonder how much a steady cam rig would cost and/or weigh though...



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