Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Injinji Toesocks Non-Review

I purchased my first pair of Injinji Toesocks (it's supposed to be a compound word, I guess) a couple of weeks ago. And, I love them! So, my affinity for the aesthetic appeal of the word "Injinji" is validated by my preference for the product. I call that a win.
my feet demonstrating the fit of Injinji Performance Micro toe socks
Rather than show you some crisp, clean product shots of the Injinji socks; I'm keeping it real by presenting my own pair of socks fresh from a trail run. You're welcome.
There's not a whole lot for me to impart to you in a review of a sock. I mean, that's sort of like reviewing a pair of underwear, in my opinion. It's either comfortable or it's not. And, if it's comfortable to me, it may not be comfortable to other people.

If I were a sock expert, or someone who knows enough about sock-related textiles to evaluate the material comprising the Injinji Toesocks; I might be able to feign some sort of informative review. But, I am neither of those people.

So, I'll just say that the socks are great. They're great because having my toes separated by thin, breathable fabric while running solves a couple of issues for me.
  • Solution One: Injinji socks prevent sweaty toes from rubbing together. Traditional socks are notably more confining than Injini socks. And, this confinement is conducive to blister formation due to sweaty toes rubbing together. During these hot summer months, this sweaty-blister creation is more likely to occur. But, not if you're wearing Injinji Toesocks.
  • Solution Two: My evil fourth toe's nail can no longer cut into my poor third toe. It doesn't matter how often I trim my toenails. There's this rogue toe on my right foot, fourth from the big toe, that's angled in such a way as to make the toenail a hazard to it's neighbor on the left. If I'm running in not-so-wide shoes, I'll end up with a bloody sock, because that wicked toenail cuts a new hole into my third toe. Well, not anymore!
Injinji socks separate obtrusive toes.
Injinji Toesocks prevent rogue toenails
from cutting into neighboring toes.
That's all I have for you. I'm glad I treated myself to these Injinji Toesocks. I'll buy some more when I get around to it. So far, they seem to be least expensive at Amazon.

Try them if my issues are similar to your issues. Try them if you are bored with your conventional socks. Try them because buying socks makes you feel happy and they cost less than shoes.

Or, don't try them. If you like your current socks, there's no reason to go out buying more socks that you may or may not like. You can spend $11.95 on something else.


  1. OMG, hilarious and yet informative non-review! Josh has been seriously ON MY CASE to try these socks. I too have that rogue-toe problem. But I thought all that between-toe fabric would be terrible and only make the rogue stronger. Shows what I know!

  2. Very funny! I love my pair. I bought them to wear with my Vibram Five Fingers, but I wear them with my regular shoes as well, since I have a similar toe family feud sort of problem. My third toe on my left foot is afraid of ground contact and wants to ride on top of my second toe. Keeping them separated keeps me from having nasty second toe blisters. Suck it, third toe! ;-)

  3. Iris: The fabric between the toes is remarkably unobtrusive. I'll side with your spouse on this and insist that you try these socks. Separating a rogue from the group is a great way to get it under control.

    Scott: That third to of yours sounds almost like a parasite. Good thing you've got these Injinjis to keep it in line.

  4. I like these socks they look like vibram five fingers.

  5. Very nice post. You talk about a serious problem. But you must know about plantar fasciitis. Some boots or shoes protect us from plantar fasciitis. so be careful about plantar fasciitis. Thanks to do this post. I am waiting for your next post

  6. LOL, thanks for sharing this funny and honest review. I actually had to read the brand name a couple of times over - definitely a tongue twister for me.

  7. I obtained my first match of Injinji Toesocks (it should be a compound word, I figure) two or three weeks back. What's more, I cherish them! In this way, my fondness for the tasteful advance of "Injinji" is accepted by my inclination for the item. I call that a win.



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