Friday, August 17, 2012

National Trail Running Day Is August 18! WTF? Did You Know that?

National Trail Running Day logoI didn't know that tomorrow is National Trail Running Day until earlier today after seeing it mentioned in a contest link on Facebook. I'm a little disappointed, because I feel as though I should be aware of things like this.

Did you know about it, readers?

Well, we know about it now. So, we can all take part in celebrating our favorite unpaved places to run tomorrow.

Or, if you're like me, you'll get to feel extra guilty, because tomorrow's schedule may not allow for a trail excursion. Had I known that tomorrow would be a special day for trail running, I might have had time to rearrange some things.

But, noooo. Trail Running Day can't be bothered to update it's Facebook page or send out a freakin' tweet prior to this year's event.

(I'm just teasin' you, Trail Running Day people. I'd rather be out running trails instead of promoting events, too)

Next year! Next year, I'll look back at my August blog posts and see this one. And, I'll remember to plan for National Trail Running Day.

(Course, now that I think about it, we trail runners can be a little possessive of our turf. The idea of inspiring a crowd of runners to clog up a favorite trail doesn't exactly appeal to... Oh, what am I saying? That's not the spirit. Nevermind!)

Enjoy your trail runs this weekend, folks!

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  1. haha -i think any day could be a celebration of trail running for you?

    1. Of course, you're right, Petra. And, you remind me that I feel the same way about most days that are meant to commemorate something that could be celebrated any day of the year: Valentine's Day, Kissing Day, Earth Day, etc.



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