Monday, August 6, 2012

Sprigs Big Banjees Wrist Wallet: Another Way to Carry Your Phone While Running

I am fairly adamant about running with my mobile phone for the sake of safety. So, I was dismayed a few months ago when my little flip phone bit the dust and my larger replacement phone didn't fit my previous means of carrying a phone while running.

I searched various running-related retail establishments and found the Sprigs Big Banjees Wrist Wallet at the local REI. And, I'm happy to report that this thing works!

Sprigs Big Banjees Wrist Wallet


I've been using this wrist wallet to carry my phone during every run for a couple of months. And, I only wish I'd found this product sooner! (Thus, I'm relaying my discovery to you, dear reader)

The lightweight, poly-spandex material is a lot more comfortable than those rubber/foam iPod holders that you typically find strapped to the biceps of many other runners. And, the stretchy fabric securely wraps around most anyone's wrist or forearm without too much jiggling.


Of course, one of the best features is the wrist wallet's capacity to carry objects of various sizes and shapes. It seems that most running accessories designed to contain a phone or portable music device are manufactured for one particular product (iPhone). But, the Sprigs Big Wrist Wallet's flexible pocket could hold a small flip phone, a larger smartphone, or even a very small camera. Versatility wins!

The flip side of the wrist wallet features a zippered pocket for smaller items, like a couple of gels, a credit card, or your car key. So, you don't even have to rely on those flimsy pockets in your shorts anymore.

Sweat Factor

Being that the wrist wallet's fabric is so similar to that of your other technical clothes, you'll be able to machine wash it in cold water with your running shirts and shorts as often as you like. And, that's a good thing, because the wrist wallet is not afraid to foster those same sweaty aromas that your running hat emits from wherever you throw it after a run.

Sweat is actually an important consideration with regard to the Sprigs Wrist Wallet. See, there's a trade off for having a breathable, comfy fabric containing your phone: all of that sweat that accumulates between your skin and the wrist wallet goes right into the fabric. And, there is no water-proof barrier within the pocket that holds your phone. So, keep that in mind.

Obviously, the way to solve this sweaty dilemma is to simply place your phone in a plastic bag before putting it in the wrist wallet. It's an extra step. But, I think it's worthwhile. (Sweat helped kill my previous phone)


Warriors Wear Wrist Guards
Tough guys wear wrist guards

Okay, so the name is a little funny. And, the naysayers among us might liken this incredibly practical accessory to a fanny pack. But, I disagree. This is for your wrist! And, really, it looks nothing like a fanny pack. If anything, it looks more like a wrist guard. And, we all know who wears wrist guards.

Aside from not being a fanny pack for your wrist, the Sprigs wrist wallets are also available in tons of colors. You'll just have to visit the website to see them all. Black on black suits me fine. But, perhaps you have an affinity for paisley or tie dye. Go crazy.

The Sprigs Big Banjees Wrist Wallet seems to be competitively priced at REI and on the Sprigs website. For me, the cost has been worth it. And, it'll be even more worth it if I ever need my phone in an emergency during a run. Perhaps it would be worth it to you, too.

Thanks for reading!


  1. A fanny pack for your wrist? That works for me. I'm not too proud to give that a go. But yes - WATCH the sweat!

  2. I lucked out and got two of these a few months back courtesy of's Schwaggle deals very cheaply...they work very well indeed.



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